Do you need a writer or a virtual assistant?

If you need a virtual assistant to free up your time and energy for the things you’d rather do to help your business grow, I offer a variety of services to authors and bloggers to help them sell more books, get more blog traffic, and accomplish more with their writing.

If you need a writer to lighten your creative workload, what do you need written that will change things for you or your business?

  • white papers
  • business reports (research-based)
  • proposals
  • a ghostwritten book
  • ghostwritten blog posts
  • social media graphics with compelling copy
  • sales letters
  • web copy
  • book descriptions (with HTML formatting)

Let me know how I can help you earn more in less time – and connect with more of your target audience.

I enjoy writing well-researched books, articles, reports, and blog posts and will post samples on this site soon. Until then, if you need well-researched, persuasive copy as soon as possible, contact me and let me know what I can do for you.

If you’d like someone to create social media graphics — for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Google+ — I’ll work with you to boost your interaction on your favorite social media sites and get more traffic to your site or book’s sales page.

For more information, check out the page or pages that most closely address your current need.

Blogging examples: Hypothyroid Writer blog

Guest blogging example: “How is this normal: diagnosed with hypothyroidism at age five”